mystical adornments for the modern goddess

I am deeply inspired by ancient mythology, folklore & fairy tales. As a child, I grew up in a troubled and chaotic home. As a coping mechanism I began to lose myself in imaginary worlds deep within my mind. I was artistically inclined from a very early age and was always a DIY creator even before I was consciously aware of myself as one. It felt like such an inherent part of me growing up. I always had this burning urge to create something in 3d and pretty much daily made something out of paper, cardboard, clay, toys, found objects, wax from Baby Bel cheese, etc. Reflecting upon this now, I realize my need to constantly be creating as a child came from my need to bring something tangible back from one of my many imagined inner realms. A compulsive need to show myself or prove to myself that these places of safety and solace from environmental chaos were real. A talisman of protection while in the earthly realm. This process evolved over time as I got older. Over the years I practiced various artforms, but the two that I was most passionate about were jewelry creation and sculpting. In my mid 20's I got a job at a lost wax casting shop and realized that my two favorite artforms can be combined into one: tiny sculptures that become jewelry! I have been teaching myself and honing my craft ever since, using every free moment to practice my wax sculpting & carving skills in addition to teaching myself metal smithing when I first started out. Not only is this a passionate hobby that transformed into a business that puts food on my table and a roof over my head, but I truly believe art saved my life.
Each piece of jewelry I create truly carries a piece of my heart with it. I hope it brings the wearer a sense of psychic protection and perhaps even a little doorway into their own otherworldly realms...

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